Tom Petrocelli

Tom Petrocelli, the author of this site, is an experienced marketing, technology, and business executive with 34 years in the computer technology industry. Tom is currently a Research Fellow with Amalgam Insights concentrating on developer and development ecosystems (including Agile and DevOps) and was the Research Director for Social, Mobile, and Cloud Enterprise Applications at Neuralytix before that. Previously, he was a Senior Analyst, Social Enterprise at Enterprise Strategy Group where he covered social collaboration, social media, and the impact of social, mobile, and cloud on the software industry.

Before joining ESG, Tom was SVP for Enterprise Software at IP.COM where he led the software business unit. Tom’s background spans software engineering, systems architecture, IT, product management and marketing, and general executive management.

Besides my general experience, I have specific expertise in:

  • DevOps and Agile, Containers, and other technology that enables IT departments
  • Business applications (Systems of Record) with a sub-specialty in CRM
  • Social media and digital marketing and customer engagement
  • Social media analytics
  • Social collaboration (applications, platforms, and deployment/adoption)
  • Mobile business applications
  • Data storage and data protection
  • Startups and early stage ventures
  • Intellectual property systems and management