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Changes on the Horizon

Career changes, They happen. You work for a company then you work for a different one. Job A morphs into Job B and then changes altogether into something else.

The arc of my career has been a bit like the rolling hills of Central New York. There have been ups and downs and excursions into curious byways. Sometime, I traveled through the career equivalents of big cities. Other times it has been more like wandering into a small town.

Now, I am preparing to leave Neuralytix and my recent career as an industry analyst to go work for a big international bank. It’s a bit like moving to a big city that you’ve only visited but never lived in. I wonder if I will find myself in a small apartment.

What does this mean? Probably less time for writing. I would expect the frequency of posts to be a bit less than usual but, perhaps, more varied. A different situation breeds different insights.

Keep a look out and wish me luck.