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Mobile CRM: The Evolution of CRM Applications Paper Released

My first major paper for Neuralytix called “Mobile CRM: The Evolution of CRM Applications” is now available on the Neuralytix web site. The paper identifies 10 key trends in mobile CRM that effect all people who use CRM applications including sales people. There is also an infographic buying guide. There are also 8 quick profiles of companies in the Mobile CRM or CRM space representing a wide cross section of the industry.

The full report can be purchased for a small amount.


The First Infographic on Tom’s Tech Take II

The first infographic on Tom’s Tech Take II is live. The topic: Social Media Analytics Explained. Part of the problem with social media analytics (besides validation and cost) is that there are so many types of analysis to choose from in a typical software package. This infographic describes the more common analysis and the type of marketing activity they support.

This will be the first of (hopefully) many infographics that make complex ideas more consumable.