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New Enterprise Cloud IT Paper

Over the past few months, Janet Waman, Jean Bozman, and myself have been putting together a rather extensive paper on the impact of cloud computing. In it, we talk to the three areas of enterprise IT most affected by the emergence of cloud computing: hardware, software (especially applications), and channels and selling models.

If you are an IT strategist looking for ideas, a channel partner dealing with transitions, an IT vendor honing a cloud strategy, or a practitioner just starting out in cloud computing and want to know why cloud computing matters, this paper may just be what you need.

The paper is now available on the Neuralytix website. It is a pay for download, not a free paper. If you would like to know more, check out the website and if you are a vendor interested in distribution rights, contact Patricia Murphy at Neuralytix.

My Latest CMSWire Article: IBM Connect 2016

My latest article on CMSWire involves my two big takeaways from IBM Connect 2016. The first, is that IBM is developing some amazingly innovative software. The second is that they are hitting resistance from their ecosystem and customers who are stuck in the old Lotus Notes world. Not that this is their problem alone.