Change is in the air

Everything must grow or die. Everything must change and so must I.

That sounds wonderfully philosophical doesn’t it? The truth is, change happens. For me, change has usually been pretty positive. New skills, new colleagues, and new challenges have kept me from ossifying. For that, I am grateful.

So, change has come once again. As of May 2013, I am leaving Enterprise Strategy Group. Business is business and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. It has been a great experience but now I’m ready to move on to something more exciting. I don’t know what that is just yet but I trust in the universe. It has never failed me.

As Led Zeppelin famously sang “There are two paths you can go down” and that is true for me right now. While I will be seeking a senior position in a computer technology company I also have a great idea for a new venture. If I’m lucky, the two can come together into a perfect situation. All I will say right now is that it will involve social media. I know – that’s pretty vague.

In the meantime, I am consolidating all my online blogs and websites into one easy to navigate place (here). Look for new blog posts appearing on a regular basis – at least weekly – and more social media activity. As Proust famously wrote (in French of course) “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” So, while I leave ESG I am still firmly ensconced in the industry I have loved for nearly thirty years.


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