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Verizon Makes A Bold Move To Cloud Services

Janet Waxman and I just finished a blog, published on LinkedIn, entitled Verizon Makes A Bold Move To Cloud Services. Here’s the abstract:

Verizon Enterprise Solutions, the enterprise IT solutions arm of telco Verizon, has been moving full speed ahead into cloud computing. This is a bold move for a telco who can name the largest Cloud Service Providers (CSP) among its customers and partners. No longer satisfied with offering network services to IT, Verizon Enterprise Solutions is poised to become a powerhouse in cloud computing.

It delves into the questions this move raises about the cloud market and how Verizon’s inevitable conflict with partners and customers already in the cloud computing business.

Toms Tech Talk (E3 of S1) Linux versus Windows (and Mac) Desktops

In my latest podcast I explore the reasons that Linux desktops, despite many benefits including being free, have not put more of a dent in the Windows and Mac OS X hegemony. Here’s a hint: It’s stupid little things.