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AWS Ignites Debate About the Death of IT Ops

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My third article in less than a week. That’s a hat-trick! This time in InformationWeek. It’s about the possible end of IT Ops in mid-sized enterprises. With the push to serverless and more IT automation, it will be difficult for mid-sized companies to justify having their own IT operations, except in highly regulated industries.

DevOps Gets More Exciting in 2018

DevOps Gets More Exciting in 2018

A Twofer this week! Yesterday my article on CMSWire on social graphs came out and today another article on DevOps trends for 2018 came out on Though I’m tracking a bunch of trends for DevOps, in this article I talk about three in particular – Container Ecosystems, Kubernetes, and Integrated Pipelines. Of course, this is all dependent on IT getting it’s act together and cutting out those pesky silos. Check out the details in the article.